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Jose Mourinho’s response to the question of replacing Zinedine Zidane

Image source: Sky Sports

Jose Mourinho has been linked with a return to Real Madrid, however the former Manchester United coach claims that he wouldn’t like to return.

“There are two types of rumours. One, where people talk about Zidane, who is one of ours and it happens to us all when our teams are not doing well. You have to live with that. Zidane has been in football all his life and he knows how it is. The other type of rumour is putting in my name and I don’t like that. There are problems in a lot of places, but respect is another thing,” said Mourinho.

“I wouldn’t like to return, because they have a coach and I can’t lead a team that has one. You can talk about respect for the club, but also the coach is not just anybody. I’m outside. I don’t ‘sell smoke’ (a Spanish expression for giving untrue information). I would like things to go well and for everything to be sorted out.”

Real Madrid are currently 3rd in La Liga with 8 points and recently they have lost 3-0 to PSG, which raised concerns over Zinedine Zidane.

via Bleacher Report

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