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Jermaine Jenas slams Man United frontmen Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial

Image source: Getty Images

Jermaine Jenas singled out Manchester United front pair Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial for criticism after the club stuttered to a draw at home to Aston Villa.

Jenas believes Martial and Rashford should shoulder the blame for the toothless attacking display.

He told Match of the Day: “What worried me today was the complete lack of movement in their team, everyone was just stale and stuck in their positions. They were really sloppy in that final third. They have to find a way to get themselves in that six-yard box because it is happening too often. Rashford was not even looking at the game until it is too late.

“You know what Dan James will do, get in that six-yard box. You have the three guys you want to score goals – Rashford, Lingard and Martial – nowhere near it, not even close. Manchester United have not even played well today and they have still created all these opportunities where people aren’t even getting close.  It is a little bit embarrassing. You have a manager on the side-lines who would probably have scored a hat-trick today in what was probably one of the worst performances he has seen from United. It was just stale and there was no direction to what they were doing today.

Source- Daily Mail

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