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Jamie Foxx, Robert Pattinson, Anthony Joshua: TOP 10 Famous Arsenal fans

Image source: Twitter

7 Kevin Costner

Evening Standard

Kevin Costner revealed he is a massive Arsenal fan whilst promoting his new movie ‘Criminal’ back in 2016.

“I actually put in a big scene about Arsenal, but because it was so violent, the producers asked me- and I think Arsenal didn’t want me to do it because they didn’t want me to promote violence,” said “The Bodyguard” actor.

“I saw a scarf that was Arsenal, I see a kid and I ask him if he’s an Arsenal fan, and I said ‘me too’, and I just beat up some guys and they didn’t want me to put it in the movie because it was violent. I knew Arsenal would get a really big kick out of it.”


6 Robert Pattinson

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

“Tenet” star Robert Pattinson is another proud Arsenal fan. While working at Los-Angeles, he stated that the Gunners are what he misses the most in England.

“I miss the newspapers – I still prefer English newspapers to US ones,” the actor told Metro. “I miss reading the sport section. I miss the football… Arsenal.”


5 Daisy Ridley


Daisy Ridley is known for her role as Rey in the Star Wars sequels. The actress has many times revealed in his interviews that he’s a massive Arsenal fan.

However, when asked if she’d join the Dark side in the Star Wars, if it meant Arsenal winning trophies, Daisy replied with a no, claiming the team can do it on their own.

The Place

4 Piers Morgan

Getty Images

Former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan is a massive Arsenal fan and has constantly reminded us of that.

The journalist is quite active on his Twitter feed and doesn’t even miss a game of his favourite club. He praises Gunners and criticises them harshly.

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