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“There should still be teams coming up to the PL next season”: Carragher makes Leeds United demand after UEFA decision

Jamie Carragher

Image source: Getty Images

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has made West Brom and Leeds United demand after UEFA decision.

Yesterday UEFA told its member nations to make decision on European qualification places for 2020/21 based on sporting merit should the season be cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

And Carragher has called on the Premier League to ensure Championship teams promotion by using sporting merit system.

He told Sky Sports (via the Liverpool Echo): “I actually think what UEFA came out with yesterday about Champions League places and European qualification being decided on sporting merit, I’d actually love the Premier League to come out and say that.

I do feel there are a few teams, certainly down the bottom, who are not shy in coming out at times and saying why the season shouldn’t continue and it should be null and void and should be curtailed.

I still believe the league should be decided on sporting merit, whether that’s title winners, European qualification or relegation.

If we don’t finish the games, as UEFA said yesterday then it should be on sporting merit.

How they work that out, that’s up for debate. But there should still be teams coming up to the Premier League next season and there should be teams going down.

If the Premier League came out and said that, a lot more people in the game would look for ways how we can somehow get the season finished.”

This could mean both West Brom and Leeds United would be promoted to the Premier League, while Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich City would be relegated to the Championship

Source: Birmingham Live

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