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David Beckham reveals exactly how Lionel Messi forced him to retire

Image source: Getty Images

David Beckham has opened up on his decision of retirement from football after playing against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi.

Remembering the days when he was playing with French club Paris Saint-Germain against the Catalan giants in the Champions League, the former England international has revealed why he decided it was time to retire.

He told per Yahoo Sports: “I probably decided to retire when Messi was running past me. Playing in the MLS in 2012 and winning the championship there and then coming to PSG and winning the French league here, it’s a good way to go out.”

Speaking on the Champions League match against Barcelona, he explained per The Sun: “We were ahead. [Messi] came on and Barcelona scored. Despite my age, I enjoyed playing and the team was good in both games. We did things to be proud of. We didn’t lose to them.”

Source: Sportbible

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