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Alla Zakarian

01-03-2019 | 13:13 Football

James Rodriguez makes huge revelation on playing FIFA 19

James Rodriguez, who might not be getting as many minutes as he wants with Bayern Munich, in an interview with Colombian based Outlet Bocas, revealed that he always likes to play as himself in FIFA 19, and that he always chooses between either Bayern or Real Madrid. “First of all, I always play in a Bayern jersey or Madrid’s. And secondly, (I always play) as James Rodriguez and I always want to score goals with this top player,” James said. In FIFA 19, James boasts an official player rating of 88, with his passing abilities having the highest mark (88), closely followed by his shooting and dribbling which both marked at 86. A 72 for his pace seems a bit harsh, especially given the number of injury problems he’s had, but his defence (50) and physicality (67) ring in at the lowest ratings on his card.

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