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Jalen Rose makes claim about Kevin Durant injury

Image source: NY Daily News

Kevin Durant suffered an injury during 2018-19 season and missed the NBA finals with the Golden State Warriors, which the Warriors eventually lost to Toronto Raptors.

Later, Durant made his move to Brooklyn Nets.

However, ESPN analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose thinks that if Durant didn’t suffer an injury, then he would end up joining Knicks.

“It would have been different. Because if you’re gonna leave the Golden State Warriors, and I know that he talked about he appreciated the Nets’ style of play, but nobody’s style of play with KD as a super team was better than the Golden State Warriors,” Rose said.

“So therefore, if you’re gonna leave their team, you’ve gotta be considering a storied brand. That’s just how it works. And if you notice, in interviews, he’s talking more about the Knicks than the Nets.

“When’s the last time you saw somebody go to Brooklyn and play and stand in the middle of the court like LeBron James and take a picture? Or Dwyane Wade and kiss the court?” Rose added.

“OK. Because that’s still the storied brand. Don’t get it twisted. I appreciate what the Clippers and the Nets have done, but let’s not act like they’re not the B teams in their own market. That’s a fact. And what changes that? Winning. That’s what changes that.”

 source – NY Daily News

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