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21-05-2019 | 22:51 Football

Good heavens: Gary Lineker, Piers Morgan and others react on Henrikh Mkhitaryan issue ahead of UEL final

Arsenal star Henrikh Mkhitaryan will miss UEFA Europa League final to be played in the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, on May 29. Armenian international has made a final decision not to travel to Baku with teammates due to political issues between Azerbaijan and Armenia. “It‘s the kind of game that doesn’t come along very often for us players and I must admit, it hurts me a lot to miss it.I will be cheering my teammates on! Let’s bring it home” Mkhitaryan wrote on Twitter earlier today. Football world is shocked as UEFA did not manage to organize the security of Armenia national team captain. Football pundits have mocked European Football Association for their behavior in this situation. Gary Lineker had a two-word response on the situation: “Good Heavens” https://twitter.com/GaryLineker/status/1130799263804530688 Piers Morgan thought one tweet was not enough to describe this ridiculous situation. “Substitute 'Messi' or 'Ronaldo' for 'Mkhitaryan' - still think we'd even be having this debate? UEFA would move the final.” Morgan wrote on Twitter. “You have many Armenian fans, @ChelseaFC - are you going to stand by & do nothing about this @HenrikhMkh situation?????? If both teams refuse to play in Baku, @UEFA will have to move the game.” “Seriously, Arsenal fans? We're going to leave our man behind because he's Armenian? This is a total disgrace. We must all boycott the game until @UEFA move it. “UEFA should move the Europa League Final to Wembley. Now. “I would rather @Arsenal pull out of the Europa League Final than for @HenrikhMkh to be left behind for 'security reasons'. This is an absolute disgrace entirely of @UEFA's making.” Morgan added. https://twitter.com/piersmorgan/status/1130810051856412673 Oliver Harboard, Football London https://twitter.com/ojharbord/status/1130785623680442369 Samuel Luckhurst, Manchester Evening News https://twitter.com/samuelluckhurst/status/1130785617036619777 Chris Wheatley, D2S https://twitter.com/ChrisWheatley_/status/1130794646333005824 Nick Bright, BBC https://twitter.com/NickBrightDJ/status/1130788971074805760 Shazi, Power FM 98.7 https://twitter.com/NkosinathiShazi/status/1130783845127720961 Ruben Uria, Goal, beIN Sports https://twitter.com/rubenuria/status/1130808814553436160 Wyre Davis, BBC https://twitter.com/WyreDavies/status/1130804940320968704

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