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Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry responds to Maverick Carter’s comments on his defense

Stephen Curry in action for Golden State Warriors

Image source: ABC News

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has responded to LeBron James’ business partner Maverick Carter’s comments on his defense.

“The world knows Steph (Curry) can’t f—ing play defense. I’m 38, haven’t played a decent game of basketball in 18 years, Steph would have trouble guarding me,” Carter said Sunday night in a conversation that featured Warriors teammate Draymond Green. “But Steph is the greatest shooter in the world. When that motherf—er gets rolling you can’t stop him. He can hit any shot from anywhere on the court.

“And he’s actually really good off the ball on defense, he’s a good steal artist. But he needs Klay (Thompson) and Draymond to kind of cover everything else so he can do his thing.”

Curry responded to Carter’s comments during an interview with Chris “COSeezy” Strachan.

“When you’re doing something great, no matter what it is, they’re coming for you,” Curry said. “I’m so secure in who I am and who I know I am on the court, that’s why I never respond to anybody. Either I’m agreeing with you or I’m laughin’.

“… I have no problem letting stuff live knowing that people who actually know what they’re talking about, they’re gonna speak facts and truth. When I’m done playing and retired, there’s still gonna be haters. The hate’s always louder than the praise at times, which sucks, but I’m just so unbothered.”

source – nbcsports

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