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Glenn Hoddle claims Tottenham summer signing “has been excellent” so far

Glenn Hoddle pundit

Image source: Luke Walker-IDI/IDI via Getty Images

Glenn Hoddle has claimed that Tottenham’s Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg has been excellent, since joining the club.

Speaking about the Spurs transfer business, Hoddle said that the club has brought players that simply haven’t been good enough. However, Hojbjerg, who made a move to the North London club last summer, was an exception.

“I don’t think the XI at the moment is good enough and it needs some improvement,” Hoddle said.

“There’s been some money spent, but it hasn’t been spent wisely. I think Hojbjerg has been excellent, but other than that you’re questioning some of the players that have come in, they haven’t performed whether or not they’re great players or good enough, they haven’t performed for one reason or another.”

Source: HITC 

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