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Frank Vogel likes LeBron James getting the Lakers together for a players-only minicamp

LeBron James in action for LA Lakers

Image source: Getty Images

LA Lakers will come together for the LeBron James-hosted minicamp this week in Las Vegas and the team’s coach Frank Vogel seems to like it a lot.

The goal of the camp is to gain cohesion for the team that lacks in comparison to other clubs in the Western Conference. Both Danny Green and Coach Frank Vogel have talked about the importance of team chemistry.

In an interview with Mike Trudell of Vogel said minicamp would be invaluable for the Lakers on and off-court:

MT: There are reports of LeBron setting up a little minicamp in Las Vegas before training camp starts. Have to assume you like that idea?

Vogel: Yeah, absolutely. Guys get together, get to spend some time together, get to know each other a little bit on the court. That’s a good thing.

This minicamp gives James a chance to establish himself as one of the LA Lakers leaders.

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