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Fitness coach reveals the game that left Lionel Messi “crying like he lost his mother”

Lionel Messi drag Argentina to back-to-back Copa America final in the United States-Messi and co lost out on penalties.

Elvio Paolorosso, fitness coach to Gerardo Martino, has opened up on seeing Messi in the aftermath of the defeat in the US.

Paolorosso, who had also worked with Messi at Barcelona, has revealed how he found an inconsolable Messi in tears, all alone, after a third successive case of so close but so far.

“The dressing room after the Copa America was very painful, but the worst was to come,” he said, speaking to the Argentine radio.

“At two in the morning, more or less, I went to the storeroom and found Leo [Messi] completely alone, crying like a kid who lost his mother.

“He was distraught and nobody could console him. I gave him a hug and we had a little whine together.

“I had Messi in Barcelona and Argentina and all I have for him are words of gratitude. He always cooperated well and even noticed if the pitch was hard or soft.”

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