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Ernesto Valverde in doubts over Dembele’s red card against Sevilla

Image source: Getty Images

Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde is in doubts over referee’s decision to send off Ousmane Dembele with the red card on Sunday’s 4-0 win over Sevilla.

Besides the Frenchman, Ronald Araujo, who was playing his debut game, also received a red card.

Speaking of that, Valverde said that Dembele couldn’t say a complex remark due to his lack of enunciation:

“The red cards? It’s the referee’s decision. Everyone has their opinion. I’ve seen a pretty clean game. It didn’t seem like Araujo’s fault, but I always see everything in favour of my team. I don’t know what Dembele may have said to the referee but I don’t think it’s a long sentence because it’s hard to hear him speak Spanish.”

According to Marca, the Frenchman told Lahoz (referee) “very bad, you’re very bad” which led to a red card.

Besides Dembele and Araujo, Gerard Pique will miss La Liga’s upcoming clash with Eibar as he received his fifth yellow card. Luis Suarez has also received a yellow card and it was his second.

Gerard Pique gets a yellow card on purpose to ensure playing in El Clasico