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Eriksen and Vertonghen have responded to twitter claims on Belgian’s affair with Dane’s girlfriend

Right after the loss from Bayern Munich in the group stage of the Champions League, Tottenham stars Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen were reportedly involved in a scandal in the dressing room.

Twitter rumors have earlier written that Vertonghen had an affair with Eriksen’s girlfriend. 

Former Ajax players were understood to be involved in huge dressing room boost-up, which was cooled down by Harry Kane. 

Eriksen, however, has responded to those rumors in social media. 

Dane wrote on twitter: “Bulls***”

Vertonghen also responded to twitter claims, putting emojis, that are understood to mean a denial from his side either.

Image – Instagram/Christian Eriksen/Getty Images
Source – Daily Mail/twitter/Jan Vertonghen/Christian Eriksen

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