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Hripsime Hayrapetyan

12-11-2019 | 16:49 Football

Vincent Kompany makes Manchester City transfer claim after defence criticised

Former Manchester City player Vincent Kompany doesn't think the club needs to improve their defence. The Blues didn't sign a replacement to the centre-back after Belgian international's quit in summer. After dropping 14 points two years ago and 16 points last season, the Citizens have already dropped 11 goals in 12 games of this Premier League season. Pep Guardiola's side has been a centre of criticism for their defence after the City's 3 - 1 defeat to Liverpool. However, Kompany doesn't think it's the main problem of the club that should be solved. He told Sky Sports: "I don't think they need to sign another defender. We always struggle at Anfield. I said that on Super Sunday, you're fighting 25 years of not winning at Anfield and that's difficult, it's two games in one game - you're playing a great team and you're fighting history. Flip it around and the same will happen for Liverpool - they will fight the history of not winning the league for 30 years. That should be to City's advantage I still think. As to the defence, the best way for City to defend in the past has been to attack. They have no reason to change that. As soon as they start reconnecting with the best performances, I'm convinced that we can see a sustainable amount of wins."
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