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04-05-2023 | 21:05 Football
"There's nobody ahead of me": Sam Allardyce slams his ageist critics

"There's nobody ahead of me": Sam Allardyce slams his ageist critics

The Leeds United manager-to-be Sam Allardyce has slammed the people who have been criticising him for his senior age. 

"The football club chooses which way it wants to go and far too many people think that I am old and antiquated" said the 68-year-old manager. 

In terms of depts of knowledge and experience with Allardyce said, "There's nobody ahead of me in football terms, not Pep, not Klopp, not Arteta".  Yet, discrediting the celebrated Premier League coaches was not his intention and the former England head coach emphasized that each manager work in their own way. 

Earlier this week, Leeds United confirmed that former Allardyce is their new manager choice for the last four matches of the season. The decision to extend this contract will probably depend on whether the team can avoid being relegated from the Premier League or not. 

To conclude his answer, Allardyce mentioned that Leeds United has the potential to compete with top PL clubs and he feels confident leading them towards that point. 


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