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17-06-2019 | 16:00 Football

“Shall I give up smoking for Serie A title?” Maurizio Sarri’s top 7 most interesting quotes

Maurizio Sarri spent one year in London where he was restricted smoking, then won the Europa League title with Chelsea and returned to Italy. The 60-year-old specialist has finally decided to fill up his office with trophies by joining Juventus as the club’s head coach. Sarri was born in Bagnoli, Napoli and is famous for his passion to cigarettes. He isn’t stopping smoking even when he is standing at the touchline during matches. However, in England, the Italian was restricted to smoking at the Stadium. Sarri is also well-famous for his quotes and here you can find seven of them.

“My job is on the pitch. My job is to improve the players who are on my disposal. To buy players each for €100 million isn’t my job, otherwise, it would be so easy. I’m engaged in other job.”

Phil Noble, Reuters | Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri before the Europa League final against Arsenal, May 29, 2019.

“If you are replaced – shut your mouth and do not whine.”

Eden Hazard looks set to stay beyond the summer (Image: Getty)

“Shall I give up smoking for Serie A title? I would like to win the Scudetto with a cigarette in my mouth.”

Maurizio Sarri, Image source: Getty Images

“If you are crying for losing a player then you’re dead as a coach.”

Getty Images

“I was a banker but 20 years have passed since then. I was in Serie A not accidental but I’m still asked about my career at the bank. It’s so boring.”

Image Source: EPA

“I get paid for what I would do for free. I’m a lucky man.”

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“I have gay friends, so I’m not exactly homophobic.”

Image source: Sky Sports

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