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04-11-2019 | 17:46 Football

Press conference: Alisson Becker on Genk, Manchester City, Andre Gomes injury and more

Liverpool are preparing to host Genk in the Champions League tomorrow, November 5th. Ahead of the game Liverpool goalkeeper has given a press conference, where he spoke out on VAR, late goals, Sadio Mane and many more. On VAR "I think VAR comes to make the football more fair and I think when you try to implement something new, it’s never easy. We just need to respect the process and understand it isn’t easy. "When something comes to make football fair, it is good. Sometimes they don’t make the best decision but sometimes they make good decisions. "The most special thing is the offsides which are very difficult for the referees. If you look at the big scenarios, they are doing well." On late goals "We have confidence to keep fighting for 90 minutes every time to the very end. We can also learn things and be better because sometimes we are conceding goals when we could do better. "Conceding can change the way of the game." On Mane "Sadio is a top player. We know him and his capacity. He is really important for our team and he showed this in the last game. I agree is a top player." On injury return "I feel good from the first game back at Manchester. Some things jusr come with playing matches and I have more confidence. When you are fit in mind and body you can do everything. I know I can do better and I am working for this." On Manchester City and Genk "For now, we just think of Genk. We cannot think of Man City. We play a strong Genk side tomorrow. If we think about Man City, we will have difficulties. It is important that we win this and make another CL step." On Andre Gomes injury "I saw one picture of Son crying. It is really difficult. "I had a serious injury and know how hard it is to return. I assume he will be out for a long period. 10 week I was out for. Footballers, we know that can happen. It was an accident... "I hope he can come back as soon as possible." source LiverpoolEcho

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