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01-04-2020 | 21:39 Football

Olivier Giroud HITS BACK at Karim Benzema after being called a go-kart

Chelsea forward Olivier Giroud has hit back at Karim Benzema after being called a go-kart by Real Madrid star. Karim Benzema has taken a massive swipe at Chelsea’s Olivier Giroud. Benzema has played 81 games for France national team has scored 27 goals and didn’t win a trophy. The forward hasn’t played for Didier Deschamps side since 2016. Giroud, meanwhile, has played 97 games, has scored 39 goals and won the World Cup 2018 title. Asked about his record when put up alongside Giroud’s, Benzema told fans on Instagram Live: “You don’t compare Formula 1 with karting, and I am being nice. Next…I know that I am Formula 1. “It works because he is there, that is the only reason. It won’t be spectacular, he won’t do something amazing, but he has his thing. Aside from that, does everyone like the way he plays? I don’t know.” “What am I, a go-kart? A world champion go-kart.” Giroud told Befoot (cited by Mirror) Earlier, Giroud has also spoken out on how his departure from Chelsea has been failed during the January transfer window. “Even I saw myself elsewhere to be honest. I went through six complicated months,” Giroud told French outlet Telefoot. “That’s why I tried to leave in January. I did everything [to leave]. In the end, with the circumstances, Chelsea did not want to let me go. The crucial condition for my departure was to have a replacement. “The most interesting club for me was Inter. The problem is that it dragged on. In the end, and even if Lazio were there towards the end and Tottenham too, it was no longer a question of where I was going to leave but could I leave. There was nothing to do. I was stuck. I knew that anyway I shouldn’t start going on strike or wreak havoc in the locker room.”

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