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PFA send MESSAGE to Premier League club players over the WAGE CUT issues

The Professional Footballers’ Association have informed the Premier League players not to sign any contract concerning the wage cuts, as reported by i newspaper.

Several clubs have tried to agree wage cut for the players, however, PFA have informed they are looking for a solution and there is no need to sign any agreement until an official announcement will be announced. 

Earlier, Bournemouth head coach Eddie How had become the first major figure in the league to agree to a wage cut as coronavirus crisis keeps on affecting the clubs. 

PFA has also assured they will give a financial support to the players that will struggle because of the pandemic.

Earlier, several European clubs, including Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have agreed wage cuts with the players and coaching staff so that other staff members could be paid their wages, while clubs won’t suffer a financial breakdown.

The FA, Premier League and English Football League are presently planning to complete the 2019/20 season behind closed doors over a period of four to six weeks in the restart in July.

All focus is on finishing the season and avoiding the potential consequences of an unfinished competition, including hundreds of millions of pounds in lost revenue for clubs.

Matches are now suspended until at least April 30, but the is expected to be further postponements, with problems over insurance and player safety likely to stop any matches taking place until the pandemic is over.

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