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Alla Zakarian

22-08-2019 | 16:52 Formula 1

Max Verstappen: “Leclerc won’t be my only future rival”

Max Verstappen and Charles Lecler’s recent nearness on-track space has led to predictions of a rivalry to dominate Formula 1 for years to come. However, Red Bull driver expects more young drivers will fight on any future battles. "We race each other really hard, and of course we had our moments in karting," Verstappen told Motorsport.com of his past with Leclerc. "But I think you all grow over that, and we are both in Formula 1 now, we are both living the dream. "We are both racings where we wanted to be, and when we were in go-karting that was our dream. If you can be there together it's, of course, amazing, and I have a lot of respect for Charles. He is a great driver, but I'm not expecting to only fight him. "There are more young talents like Lando, potentially George, maybe Alex Albon. A lot of young talents now are coming in and if they have the right car they can do a great job as well."

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