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08-06-2019 | 19:14 Football

Kevin De Bruyne shows his Man City captain credentials with John Stones defence

Photo/Twitter/ThreeLions Kevin De Bruyne has shown his Manchester City captain credentials with John Stones defence. The Belgium International's response to a question about Stones making errors for England is so good it would be a disservice not to repeat it in full. Stones gave away possession for the Netherlands' second goal against England in the Nations League semi-final on Thursday, before a poor pass to Ross Barkley later allowed the Dutch to score a third. "I think it's very difficult for people to understand but for me he played a good game except for the mistake he made. When you play in a team like we do at City we are used to playing out from the back and we give each other options," he said . "To go to another team and try to do the same but you don't get the options that you get in your normal team, it's very difficult to play differently. "I think everybody knows what John's strengths are but obviously he can't do it by himself, he needs the help there and I think that's also what happened with the third goal. "The ball that he gave to [Ross] Barkley, with us it would be fine because that ball would probably go to Fernandinho, [Ilkay] Gundogan, to the 'keeper and we'd play out from the back. That's something we are used to, we've trained like it now every day for three years so I think people have to look at the full concept, but obviously when you make a mistake people will judge you."

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