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18-03-2020 | 16:28 Football

Jurgen Klopp hailed for his impact at Liverpool

Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders has praised Jurgen Klopp for what he is doing as the head of the club, as quoted in the club's official website. Lijnders has worked closely with Klopp for so many years however claims that the German boss still finds ways of surprising him. "He (Jurgen Klopp) is very intelligent. His brain works differently to many others, that’s for sure," he said. "Each day he surprises me – and we worked how long together? Four-and-a-half or five years. He changes perception in five minutes. "All the ideas Jürgen has and the way he wants to set up in each game, we just try to support him in the best way possible. "I am blessed that Jürgen has this trust and gives me the freedom. We are a team. We prepare together, we plan together, we act together, we coach together. "It’s what I say constantly: three brains can do much more than one brain, if the three brains think in a common way and have the same messages and same passion and same dedication." Liverpool won the Champions League last season and were leaders of the current Premier League season, which unfortunately has been suspended due to coronavirus pandemic. Source- HITC

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