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Karine Grigoryan

11-11-2019 | 19:47 Football

Former Manchester City midfielder makes claim about Pep Guardiola and VAR

Former Manchester City midfielder Trevor Sinclair thinks that Pep Guardiola and managers like him will start leaving the Premier League if VAR continues to cause controversy. During City's 3-1 defeat to Liverpool, the Citizens were denied two clear penalties for handball. Speaking exclusively with TalkSport, Sinclair said: “The Premier League has got a fantastic brand and I think it’s been affected negatively by this VAR situation. It’s not a better spectacle now because VAR has been brought in. “Pep wants clarity to what the rules are, because at the moment the fans, players and managers haven’t got a clue. This is my fear, that if this continues managers like Pep and the best players are going to start leaving the Premier League. “If it continues to be this inconsistent, people are going to start leaving the Premier League and go to different leagues. I think Pep is right on the cusp. The Premier League is so good because we get the very best managers who attract the very best players. “If you want to go to a top club, you look at who the manager is there. That’s how City have got the players they have got – because of Pep. “Now, if managers start leaving the Premier League because there’s no consistency and it’s a flawed system, I think they’re in danger of ruining what they’ve produced over the last 25 years in the Premier League.” After the game, Manchester City sit 9 points behind Liverpool in the Premier League table as City are 4th and The Reds are leading the table. source - Mirror

Pep Guardiola avoids FA action for referee comments after Liverpool clash

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