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FIFA 20 update 1.07 patch notes: Title update 6 live on PCs, PS4 Xbox One

FIFA 20 update 1.07 is available to download on PCs today, with title update 6 heading to the PS4 and Xbox One soon. The EA Sports FIFA Twitter posted the latest patch notes alongside the message: “The latest #FIFA20 Title Update is live on PC and coming to console later.” FIFA 20 update 1.07 patch notes were revealed in a post on the official EA forums. FIFA UPDATE 1.07 PATCH NOTES - TITLE UPDATE 6 Gameplay (General): Made the following changes:
  • Shortened the time between the camera cutting away during Penalty Kick Shootouts.
  • Updated CPU AI decision making on free kicks for all difficulties in order to enable a wider variety of free kicks taken.
  • This change does not impact free kick conversion rates, those continue to be impacted by the Difficulty setting.
FUT: Addressed the following issues:
  • Desyncs when watching a FUT Champions Channel replay in some situations.
  • A non-functional button callout was present on the Squad Builder screen when making a Concept Squad.
  • Turquoise blue bar was still displaying on the Season Objectives tile when a different tile was being highlighted.
  • The My Friends text was displaying as ‘Undefined’ in some situations on the Team Select screen in FUT Friendlies Couch Play.
  • In some rare instances, players were incorrectly unable to find opponents in FUT Rivals.
  • Corrected the lighting of the Opponent’s Squad screen to match the lighting normally used in the Squad screen.
PC Only: In some situations, the various tabs at the top of the Squad screen were not displaying after toggling back and forth between screens repeatedly. PC Only: Sometimes, on the Squad screen, the arrows and numbers from the Formation option would display for the other options.
  • Career Mode:
Addressed the following issues:
  • Created players having their Skill Moves and Weak Foot reset in situations where an increase to the stat was earned when the values were already at the max of 5.
  • Being terminated from your manager position in some situations due to delegating contract negotiations even in situations where the manager was having significant team success that season.
  • Text alignment issues on the Tables screen impacting Goal Difference and Points.
VOLTA FOOTBALL: Addressed the following issues:
  • Some of the Attribute boost arrows for Chemistry were displaying on the wrong Attributes for your current Chemistry Style.
  • The Harvester Jacket was not correctly displaying on all Avatars.
  • Players were showing their age as -852 on the Penalty Kick Selection screen.
  • An overlay was incorrectly displayed in the top left corner when playing the first Training Drill of a session.
Pro Clubs: Addressed the following issues:
  • The Overall Rating for some players was displaying incorrectly in the Pro Clubs screens.
  • This was a visual issue only, the Virtual Pro was performing with the proper Attributes in gameplay.
  • Made the following changes:
  • The Saudi Pro League is now known as the MBS Pro League.
Visuals: Made the following changes:
  • Added 39 new Star Heads.
Source- FIFAForums.easports.com

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