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Alla Zakarian

05-03-2019 | 13:21 Boxing

Canelo Alvarez: “I’m very open to doing a Golovkin trilogy”

WBC, WBA middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez has no problem with a potential trilogy against Gennady Golovkin. There were many who felt Golovkin had done enough to win both contests, however, Canelo insists that he doesn’t control the judges. "I respect their decisions. And, look, they are people that study and prepare themselves for what they are doing. I just have to prepare myself for what I am doing and to go in there and do my job in the ring," Canelo told The Big Lead. There is talk that Golovkin will soon sign a multi-fight deal with DAZN and the second bout of that deal could be a trilogy with Canelo. "Look, the opportunity is there. If it’s there it happens. We are very open to it. Why not do a third fight? We have already done two good fights, why not do the third one? But if it doesn’t happen, it’s no big deal either. Because you know what we continue doing our history and writing our history and fighting the best fights out there," Canelo said.

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