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28-11-2019 | 19:03 Boxing

Anthony Joshua handed one of the worst insults possible to a pro boxer

Ex-world champion Anthony Joshua was branded a quitter in a face-to-face exchange with solitary conqueror Andy Ruiz Jr. The pair were participating in media events ahead of a rematch collision in Saudi Arabia next month. Asked in the chat if feels his opponent backed out of the fight after rising from the canvas again, Ruiz said: “A little bit. Maybe, I feel he quit because of the way that it was won.  “I think he was still out of it. But I didn’t think he knew where he was at that moment. I think that he (Anthony Joshua) quit.” Responding to the comments, Joshua said: “The referee waved off the fight. It’s just opinion. “I roll with it. I ride with it. I’m a champion through and through, no matter what anyone says to me.” Ruiz then gave his retort to a question on his own decision if the ball was in his court. He added: ”It depends how hurt I was. I’m not gonna quit. If I fall, I fall.” Joshua replied: “The conclusion is I quit. But I feel like why wouldn’t I have stayed though? “Why wouldn’t I have stayed though? He hit me with a shot I couldn’t recover from. I still stuck in there.” Concluding, Ruiz stated: “He was still up, the referee was the one that waved it off. But I have to (end his career). I have to, right? “He’s trying to take my career as well. It’s either me or him inside the ring. I will and I am.” Ruiz vs Joshua 2 is set to take place during Diriyah Season at a purpose-built arena on December 7.

Anthony Joshua explains why he called Andy Ruiz’s KO shot ‘a punch from the gods’

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