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Emma Raducanu’s grandmother gave her some heartfelt advice that might surprise you

Emma Raducanu's grandmother gave her some heartfelt advice that might surprise you

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Emma Raducanu’s grandmother wanted her to quit tennis after watching her struggle to breathe at Wimbledon.

Known to Emma as ‘Mamiya’ – a Romanian term for grandma – Niculina knows the dedication and sacrifices of the 18-year-old to become a Grand Slam champion.

After the tennis star’s breathing struggles during Wimbledon back in July, grandmother asked Emma’s parents that she needs to stop playing.

“I asked her parents if she should quit tennis,” the 88-year-old told MailOnline.


“Because what if something should happen to Emma?


“Her health is more important [than wealth or fame].


“The court she played on that day had a roof over it because it was raining, and she felt she couldn’t breathe.”

Niculina admitted when Emma was playing in the US Open final, she couldn’t watch her due to nerves.

“The night she won the US Open, I couldn’t watch because my heart couldn’t take it,” she revealed.


“I said to myself: ‘This match is going to be a really tough one,’ so I decided not to watch it.


“I only found out the news the next day, and I was delighted she was strong and healthy, and that her mind was healthy also — especially after what happened the last time [at Wimbledon].


Source – france24

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