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Emerson Royal breaks silence on how Barcelona practically ‘kicked him out’

Emerson Royal breaks silence on how Barcelona practically 'kicked him out'

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Emerson Royal has opened up on his exit from Barcelona and arrival at Tottenham.

Royal finally started playing for the Catalan club since this summer, which didn’t last.

The full-back had no idea that Barca agreed a €25million fee with Spurs and he left just weeks after signing and presenting.

He told to Marca that he was truly disappointed and surprised.

“I thought that the club wanted me to stay. I played the Sunday as a starter, they day after I woke up and I went to training relaxed.


“There I already started to see that there were many things, that Tottenham spoke with Barcelona, that they had almost done it.


“I didn’t understand anything that was happening because I didn’t know anything.

Detailing how the conversations went with the Barca hierarchy, Emerson added.

“I found out with the directors of the club.


“They started to tell me that the situation of the club wasn’t good, that I came in a complicated time and that for that reason it was better to sell.

The 22-year-old also said, that despite the fact that he would like to stay in Spain, he admitted that he would rather leave then be unwanted.

“I don’t want to stay at a club that I love but being sad. I knew their thoughts were that I don’t stay, without saying it.


“Then, I decided to leave. I said that I don’t want to stay and be sad.”


Source – football-espana

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