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ECHO: Jurgen Klopp speaks out on Liverpool’s transfers

Image source: SDNA

This season Liverpool have kicked-off with a perfect run in the Premier League as they are currently leading the league table with maximum points.

Despite their perfect start in the Premier League, Liverpool started the Champions League with a defeat to Napoli.

The Reds won the Champions League last season and were close to sealing the Premier League title as well, however they missed out on the chance by being one point behind Manchester City.

The team overall has some world class players such as Virgil van Dijk, who won the UEFA Player of the Year award and has been nominated for FIFA The best along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Van Dijk joined the Reds in 2018 and has become a key part of the team. However, Jurgen Klopp has revealed that the players he has inherited  have also improved.

In an interview with LiverpoolECHO, Klopp said: “In football, there are two ways to improve. One is to sign good players and the second is training, but having time together is always good.

“We don’t start at minus 20 and say ‘by the way, set-piece, we do this, we do that’ and you have to explain to six players and you think ‘oh God!’. Having a basis is brilliant, but you need world-class players and if they are not world-class already, they need the world-class potential. That is what we need at a club like Liverpool.

“I think that is what we tried to do and it I think it worked pretty well. All the boys have improved a lot since we were together and that is what you have to do. So whatever we achieved, we did it because the boys always took the next steps, got more mature, got more confident and more convinced about the way we play.

“I think meanwhile, it becomes really natural for the boys and that is so important. For us, our big target was to qualify for the Champions League and it was clear we wanted to do that. But it’s the most difficult league to do this in, in England, but it happened somehow.”

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