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‘Djokovic had 22 and half thousand people against him’, says former tennis star and expert

'Djokovic had 22 and half thousand people against him', says former tennis star and expert

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Greg Rusedski has discussed Novak Djokovic’s latest issues connected with Australian Open.

Speaking to Tennis Channel in his lattest interview, the former British No. 1 has made his verdict.

Rusedski believes, that the Swiss superstar will come back stronger after his Australian visa fiasco.

“So Djokovic wants to go down as the greatest male tennis player in the history of the sport,” Rusedski said.


“Probably even break Margaret Court’s record of 24 Majors.”

The 48-year-old expert claimed that the World No. 1 will be even hungrier to come back for success.

“Well, Djokovic is gotta be, you know, upset about the whole situation Down Under thinking, okay, I should win Wimbledon this year, then the US open,” added the expert.


“So I think this is gonna be an amazing year. Yeah, with with these guys. Oh yeah, he’s gonna have the bit between his teeth.


“There’s no question about it to me, I’ve seen him do things on a tennis court that nobody else has done,” he continued.


“I mean, I bring back that match, the 2017 match against Federer at the US open.


“I was there live on the court and he had 22 and a half thousand people against him, didn’t make him flinch or bother him whatsoever against one of the all-time greats.”


source – tennisworldusa

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