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Cristiano Ronaldo: I don’t miss Spain or Portugal

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo says he doesn’t miss Spain or Portugal. After playing 9 years for Real Madrid, 5-tim Ballon d’Or winner has joined Bianconeri last summer.

As Zinedine Zidane has returned to Real Madrid, media are now talking about possible return of Cristiano Ronaldo, who, however, has denied any such talks and speculations.

“Things are as they are,” Ronaldo said to DAZN (via Marca).

“I don’t miss Spain or Portugal. Obviously, I left a great club and I left people and friends, but I don’t miss the country itself.

“I have the same [a great club, people and friends] in Italy, so it hasn’t been difficult. Everything has been intense but it’s interesting and I’ve adapted well.” added Portuguese.

Juventus will face Atletico Madrid later today in the second leg of Champions League Round of 16. Massimiliano Allegri’s side has lost the first game 2-0.

Match will stat at 21:00 (CET time)

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