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Classy! The difference between Leeds United and Barcelona

Image source: Sport 24

With coronavirus pandemic continuing to spread all over the world, major sporting events have been suspended or postponed.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, various clubs, coaches and footballers have made donations to help fight the rapidly spreading virus.

For example, Lionel Messi has donated €1 million for the battle against the coronavirus.

However, according to ESPN, Barcelona players have rejected a proposal to have their wages significantly reduced.

It is understood, that the players are willing to take the cut, however, they are not happy with the terms that the board have suggested so far.

Meanwhile, Championship club Leeds United’s players, coaching staff and senior management team have all agreed to take a wage deferral for the foreseeable future to ensure that all non-football staff can be paid.

Similar acts have been made by other clubs and players.

source – GiveMeSport

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