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Antonio Rudiger shares Liverpool title thoughts amid coronavirus suspension

Image source: Getty Images

Chelsea star Antonio Rudiger believes people’s health should be at first place rather than football amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier League has been suspended due to the virus called COVID-19. With Liverpool, leading the league table, there are talks on whether they should be honoured the trophy or not should the competition not completed.

Rudiger’s side are on their way of Champions League qualification, sitting on the 4th place of the league table. However, speaking about the case, the Blues player has revealed he thinks the clubs or the players should not be involved in the decision making process concerning the Premier League season because they will only do what is best for them rather than “what is really fairer now”.

He said: “If this happens, only a neutral body can decide. You don’t need to question the players or clubs.Here everyone would only look at which decision that would see them come away with the best for themselves, but not what is really fairer now. I have to tell you clearly: should the situation worsen; this is definitely an unimportant question. Because then we have completely different problems. And even if you ignore the most important topic, health, for a very short time: the existence of all possible football clubs then has a much higher priority than the awarding of titles and Champions League qualifications.”

Source: Daily Star

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