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Christian Eriksen opens up on Tottenham departure after Inter Milan transfer

Image source: Getty Images

Christian Eriksen has spoken about his move from Tottenham to Inter Milan.

Eriksen has long been linked with a move away from the club and eventually joined Inter Milan during the January transfer window.

“It’s [transfer speculation] been in England for every window for the past few years,” Eriksen told BBC Sport . “This one was very hectic. It was just about when is he going to leave. Any game was ‘is he leaving, is he not leaving’.

“Of course it was something you hear about, a lot of people speak about it. Even people and the fans you see on the street, it was goodbye and thank you even when I was still there. I was very honest. I had to be honest, I didn’t want to hide like a lot of players do. Everyone is different.

“I wanted to try something new but I did get the blame for being the bad vibe. I didn’t read all of the bad stuff. But I read ‘he’s the bad person in the dressing room’, ‘he wants to leave’, but in the end you’re still the same player. In the last few years, if anything came up, any player would think about leaving but I was just the guy who said it publicly.” 

Source- Daily Star

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