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Andros Townsend sends message to Liverpool ahead of Premier League game

Image source: Sky Sports

Liverpool return to action on Saturday, November 23, as the Reds will play an away game against Crystal Palace after international break.

Ahead of the game, Crystal Palace winger Andros Townsend has revealed that they are ready to defend 90 minutes.

“Obviously you approach the games different, you know you’re not going to get much possession, you know you have to defend for 90 minutes, even as a winger,” Townsend said on The Season So Far.

“My main priority going into the game is ‘I need to be a defender first and if we get counter attacks, I’ll attack’.

“But definitely if you defend well and take your chances at the other side, you can definitely pull off a shock as we’ve proven many times before, and I think that’s kind of the mindset going into the game.

“It’s going to be difficult but if you do the defensive things perfectly and going forward you’re clinical, you can pull off a big shock.” 

source – LiverpoolEcho

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