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Andre Berto: “Billy Joe Saunders a riskier fight for Canelo Alvarez than Gennadiy Golovkin”

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Former titleholder Andre Berto gives his take on Canelo Alvarez and what he thinks about a potential third fight against Gennadiy Golovkin later this year.

“I don’t see it being any different…Golvokin is older man, he’s 38, he looked a lil’ whatever in his last couple of fights. Canelo is a young kid…getting better and better each and every fight. He beat him the last time pretty soundly, I think. I don’t think it goes any different,” said Berto.

“I think a better fight — I think a more risky fight for (Canelo) would be Billy Joe. For sure. Golovkin is gonna stand right there for him, he gonna be coming to him all night, or he’s just gonna be standing there all night and that’s what Canelo wants. You got a guy that’s in front of you that’s older and he’s just gonna stand there and Canelo, you know, that’s his game. He loves to ring off combinations and then to do those slight little head movements.

“It’ll be an easier situation for him, I think. In Billy Joe I think you got a kid that can box his ass off, that can keep moving and make him look real bad.”

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