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Teddy Atlas: Canelo – Golovkin #3 could save some jobs, but isn’t it too late?

Teddy Atlas believes the money DAZN is paying to both Gennady Golovkin and Saul Alvarez, will eventually make their third fight to happen. However, the coach questions the readiness of Triple ‘G’ for his Mexican opponent. 

Golovkin and ‘Canelo’, both superstars in the boxing world, have previously met twice, with Alvarez having a win in the second fight, while the first one was decided as a controversial draw after the split decision of the referees. 

Since their last meeting on September 18, 2018, the Kazakh boxer has not once announced he wants a third meeting, while Alvarez was keen on having other challenges, saying Golovkin’s not an attractive opponent anymore. 

Atlas believes 37-year-old Golovkin’s last fight against Sergiy Derevyanchenko, finished with triple ‘G’’s controversial win, showed it is ‘too late’ for him to meet his toughest rival again.   

“If you heard a giant sigh of relief somewhere it was coming from John Skipper and the other executives when finally – we think – that third fight is done,” Atlas told during THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas (cited by Boxingnews24)

“When they gave $360 million to Canelo, they needed to get a third fight with GGG, and when they gave $100 million dollars to GGG, they definitely didn’t give him $100 million if they didn’t think there was a Canelo fight. They were getting nervous, and now, it’s not done, maybe they got the fight.

“Maybe it’s going to save a few people’s jobs over there that they have it if they actually do have this fight hungered down, and it actually does happen. So that’s the good news. Here’s the bad news. The bad news is it’s too late. That’s just my opinion, but it might be too late. Time has passed, people have moved on,” said Atlas.

“I don’t know that interest is there anymore for that fight. If you haven’t noticed, in the Derevyanchenko fight, GGG’s last fight, a fight that quite honestly, I think he [Golovkin] probably lost that fight.

“He showed the heart of the warrior that he is. He wasn’t right. Was it because he was sick, was it a fluke, was it an anomaly, was it that or was it what he is now? An older fighter, a higher that has left parts of himself in the ring, and parts of himself from the first two Canelo fights.

“In the second Canelo fight, he looked spent at the end. I thought he won both of those fights, but that’s the past. We’re talking about the present, and we’re talking about now, what’s relevant now,” he added.