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05-05-2021 | 21:53 Tennis

Agassi: "Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic must be less respected"

Andre Agassi reckons Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic should be shown less respect from the younger players on tour. The Big Three dominates the major events. Agassi, an eight-time Grand Slam winner, has advised the youngster players to show less respect when they step onto court with the legends of the game. "The next generation is on its way," Agassi told the Beer Biceps YouTube podcast. "You see them with Tsitsipas winning Monte Carlo, you look at Medvedev pushing, knocking on the door of all these Slams. "You look at Zverev, you look at Thiem. I mean, these guys, I think they realise now that they can’t afford to respect the [Big Three] as much as they have been. "They need to start owning it then pushing themselves to that next level. It’s a tough task, I don’t know when that’s gonna happen…but I do believe we’re in the process of seeing some of those new generation players pushing into the top." Agassi offered some words of wisdom to the next generation. He said: "You have to believe, I’ll give you an example. I turned pro at 16, and I broke into the top three in the world in two years when I was 18 years old. I didn’t win a Slam until I was 22. "Courier, Sampras and Chang, because they saw I [reached the top-3] they just charged right through and won a Grand Slam before I did. "Even though it seemed like they were years behind me in the evolution of our careers. Once somebody shows that it’s not Herculean, you can actually do it, and people start believing it, then you’ll see a locomotive train just pushing in that direction. But you have to believe it."
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