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Wolff refuses to sign Verstappen: “We don’t want another Star Wars”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff

Image source: Getty Images

Toto Wolff doesn’t want to see Max Verstappen alongside Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes. Verstappen has a multi-year contract with Red Bull Racing

Wolff looks back to the clash between Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in 2016 where once Rosberg got tired of playing second violin, he regularly had a fight with Hamilton, resulting in the infamous crash in Barcelona in 2016. Star Wars was the name of the duel between the two.

“With the knowledge I have now, that’s no longer an option,” says Wolff in the Formula 1 podcast Beyond the Grid. “We will never understand exactly what happened in the relationship between Nico and Lewis. It goes back a long way, to Their karting days and junior classes.

“We saw how their friendship turned into rivalry, and then hostility. That dynamic of what happened between them was very difficult to understand. It started when I joined the team in 2013, and from there it got worse and worse,” said Wolff.

“That was very difficult to deal with. At team meetings, there was a very negative energy in the air. At one point we reached a point where it was no longer acceptable, and then we talked about it. But the hostility between the drivers remained.”

Source: GPBlog

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