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What Warriors’ Stephen Curry is learning from watching ‘The Last Dance’

Stephen Curry in action for Golden State Warriors

Image source: ABC News

The Last Dance documentary on the Chicago Bulls aired on April 19, 2020.

With the NBA being on suspension, it is a great opportunity to watch the docu-series for those who love watching both TV shows and basketball or any kind of sports.

Image source – SI

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is also enjoying the series and speaking on “The Rory & Carson Podcast” on Tuesday, he said:

“The MJ doc, man — the eras are so different. There was so much more mystery back in the day. (Michael) Jordan, (Scottie) Pippen and (Dennis) Rodman — they show up on TV, you watch a game, everybody gets into it — and then you really don’t see them or hear from them until the next game.

“All that drama and the experiences that they went through — unless you were there (you didn’t really know about it) … there’s a lot of comparisons to what we went through with the Warriors these last five years in building up, to trying to stay on top and all that type of stuff.

“So I’m actually learning a lot about leadership. And just really another appeciation for the demands that are put on us as professional athletes. I do understand the work that goes in, but also all the things that you have to juggle being in the spotlight. It’s crazy.

“Sometimes you get numb to it, sometimes you have certain coping mechanisms that you kind of stick to. But at the end of the day, all you really want to do is be great at your sport. And you kind of take the rest of it in stride the best you can.

“So with what MJ is sharing with the world right now — and I know he said not a lot of people are gonna like him after watching this documentary because his personality was so strong, and he just wanted to be great — I love that stuff because that’s what that championship mentality is all about.”

The next episodes (5 and 6) will air on May 3rd.

source – nbcsports

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