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What is wrong with Manchester United contract signing photos?

Image source: Getty Images

It seems like Mancheter United have some problems with taking photos as sometimes in the photos where players sign new deal, there is something not right if you look closer.

In July 2019 Axel Tuanzebe has signed a contract renewal until 2022 at the Old Trafford, and the picture taken to announce his contract extension seems not right as the 21-year-old holds the pen that is not opened.

And it’s not the only example. In winter the club have extended Anthony Martial’s contract and the picture taken for the presentation, again, didn’t seem right.

If you look closer you can see that everything written in the paper literally makes no sense.

Vfhcmzkm ,erdfkmyj gjlgbcfk rjynhfrn c lmzdjkjv- that’s what you’ll see, when you zoom in.

In April 2017 Jesse Lingard signed the exact same paper, and in December 2018 Chris Smalling also signed the very paper.

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