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“What a man”. Spurs fans love what Toby Alderweireld did amid coronavirus outbreak

Image source: Bleacher Reprot

Tottenham fans have been praising Toby Alderweireld after he made a kind gesture and decided to help sick people due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Premier League is currently on hiatus due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

“Hi everyone. I hope everyone is following the government measures to stop the further spread of the coronavirus,” Alderweireld said in a video posted on Twitter.

“The virus creates many needs, especially the lack of personal contact.

“If people are sick, they can’t see their friends and family and stuff like this.

“So my plan is to buy dozens of tablets to give to the hospitals and nursing homes so people can video chat with their loved ones and their friends, to get through this tough period.

“I am hoping in the next couple of days and weeks to get those tablets to the places where they can help. I hope anyone who can spare, or can give something to help people in need to see their family and friends, it will help a lot.

“Stay together strong.”

And here si what the fans have been saying.

source – Football.London

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