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Wakefield Trinity boss unsure if players will return to training

Wakefield Trinity boss Michael Carter unsure over training time

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Wakefield Trinity CEO Michael Carter ha revealed that he has “no idea” if his squad will return to training as planned on Monday week given they have still yet to reach agreement on wage cuts.

It has reported this week that many Super League clubs have been locked in disputes with their players over pay once they are taken off furlough. The top-flight competition is due to restart on August 2 but that could be threatened if matters are not soon resolved.

Trinity agreed pay cuts with their players – and all staff – in April after the sport was shutdown the previous month. Although not all at the same levels, each Super League club did likewise given they had essentially seen all sources of income run dry overnight.

On Thursday’s meeting with GMB union reps, Carter said: “They did get what I was saying; it was a very amicable discussion.

“I told them the same as I did when we spoke on Tuesday; the plan that I put in place in April, as far as I’m concerned, still remains as nothing has materially changed on the financial aspect.

“And while I didn’t go as hard as some clubs back then, that’s because I had a plan that got us through until the end of November and break even. That plan is still on track but it does involve the reductions remaining.

“Ours ranged between 20 and 30 per cent on a monthly basis and, the highest effect over the course of the year, I think was something like 17 per cent.”

When asked on what he thinks will happen, Carter replied: “I’ve no idea whether they are coming back or not. We’re due to be (Covid-19) tested on Tuesday and return (training) on the 20th (of July).

“It’s safe to say there’s no certainty around our position at this moment in time. They (RLPA’s Garreth Carvell and Pete Davies) went away to speak to the players so we’ll see what happens but that’s where we’re still currently sat.”

Super League are set to announce the new fixture list in the middle of next week.

Source- Wakefield Express

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