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Wakefield boss predicts Rugby League losses

Image source: Getty Images

Wakefield Trinity chairman Michael Carter predicts the game could lose up to £20million due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Super League season has been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic with a return date yet to be announced.

While the rugby league has never been a cash-rich sport, Carter believes the sport is currently in its tough period, as he tweeted:

“This is the biggest threat ever to the sport.

“Conservatively, I think we are looking at an immediate £20million loss to the game and (we) need to save costs.”

He added: “Two types of people in this country – those, once armed with considerable hindsight, who seek to look back to find someone to blame.

“And those who pick up a set of circumstances and find a way to resolve the problem. Rugby league in a nutshell.”

Source- Love Rugby League 

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