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Victor Lindelof sends leadership message to Edwin van der Sar’s criticism

Image source: Getty Images

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof has sent leadership message in response to the club’s former goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar criticism.

Recently the Dutch professional has announced the Red Devils are lack of strong characters and leaders, as the club boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer relies on the youngsters of the squad.

However, Lindelof thinks he has all the leadership qualities for the team.

He told Sport Expressen.”I think I’ve always had good leadership qualities. And I think those who have had me as the team captain over the years are quite happy, if you may say so. I probably take a little more responsibility, maybe talk a little more. In the past, I was, as I said, maybe a little more laid back.”

Following Antonio Valencia’s departure, Ashley Young has become the club captain, however, the Red Devils were accused of lacking character.

Even boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted that he would consider Harry Maguire as a candidate for the captaincy.

Now, Lindelof hints, he also wants to be the club captain.

Speaking on the role of the captain in the club, Lindelof said: “ I think it (a captain) is someone who takes care of the group, speaks for the group and is always positive, but who can also read situations when needed and can shrug. Being able to read situations, a person who is easy to talk to and who inspires confidence and who you can talk to. It’s something I would try to strive for if I was the team captain. That the guys should be able to trust me, that they can say anything to me and that I can lead the group.”

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