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VBet took part in London Affiliate Conference 2017

London Affiliate Conference 2017 is one of the largest conferences in the world which gives its participants a unique opportunity of introducing their brand on the international arena. Participation in this conference plays an important role for further development of companies and for acquiring new partners in the field.

Many well-known international companies arrived at London for participating in the two-day conference. VBet also took part in this conference in order to get acquainted with the last achievements in the industry, acquire new knowledge in statistical data as well as share its own experience.

VBet team introduced its new website oriented to the British market. VBet made a great impression on participants thanks to the variety of products and software solutions. The Armenian company presented a new affiliate-system which greatly interested participants.

The conference involved various events aimed at improving communication among participating companies, as well as acquiring new partners, identifying competitors and analyzing benefits of other companies etc.

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