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UEFA release statement on Mauricio Pochettino’s request ahead of Champions League final against Liverpool

image via inews

Liverpool and Tottenham will be playing in the Champions League final on June 1st at Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, Spain.

Ahead of the final, Pochettino complained to UEFA that only the two starting XIs would be recognized with a team photo on the pitch. And UEFA have realized a statement, which reads:

“We would ask you to take note that a new team photo protocol will be implemented in the pre-match build-up to the 2019 UEFA Champions League final in Madrid.

“After the teams’ line-up and handshake with the referees, two team photo opportunities will be offered – the first one with the players in the starting line-up, and the second one with all of the substitute players joining the players in the starting line-up on the pitch.

“Photographers are permitted to gather on the appropriate touchline for the line-up ceremony and team photos.”

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