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UEFA president Ceferin says big clubs could spend on new players much more than now

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has spoken out on Financial Fair Play and other ways European football association can control the transfer market.

Ceferin doesn’t exclude that new taxation system could be introduced, which could force Top clubs pay luxure taxes for players that worth more than £100 m.

“Limitation of the squads is one of the ideas, forbidding or limiting the loans. And we still think that some kind of luxury tax would be do-able. If you invest £100m more then you pay £100m and it goes to all the ones who respect the rules.” he told Daily Mail.

“These are some ideas. It would be naive or populistic – which is very modern now in Europe – to say we will stop it [competitive inbalance]. We will not stop it. Let’s try to slow it down a bit. It’s a problem we have to tackle. It’s a process and we have to discuss with all the stakeholders.” Ceferin added.

Source – Daily Mail

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