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Tyson Fury trainer hits back at fighter’s dad after explosive rant

Image source: Getty Images

Tyson Fury’s trainer Ben Davison has fired back at the heavyweight’s dad.

John Fury called for Davison to be sacked.

Fury Senior had told BT Sports: “He wouldn’t have even beat Alexander Povetkin on that performance. I’m being honest. He’s my son, but I’m a straight talker; that’s the worst I’ve seen my son. He needs to go back at the drawing board and see what’s gone wrong here. That wasn’t Tyson. He was as weak as a kitten from the first round. Even looking at him in the first round, he looked softer than he usually does. If I had my way, the lot [Tyson’s team] would be gone. If they keep that team that will be his career [gone].”

But Davison, who has been Tyson Fury’s trainer since his return from a near-three year drink and drug-fuelled depression, has hit back at the claims that his fighter is a “kitten”.

Davison said: “Listen if Tyson was a kitten, he wouldn’t have been able to do 12 rounds like that. It was his engine and experience, strength and size which was the difference there. Strength wise I was perfectly happy with it. The cut affected him a lot, he couldn’t see out of it but he had to make out like he could see out of it. That’s why he made it a dog fight. Close the gap so he didn’t have to be able to see the shots coming. He got the job done.”

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